DLNA caching of structure only

Hi, using rclone 1.51.0 on ARM and raspberry PI. The DLNA feature works without errors on a large folder structure with lossless audio (flac). However, due to the large directory structure the clients spend a lot of time retriving the structure. How can I improve this? Im not looking for a file cache, but a structure cache..?

Vfs caches. I've not tried with dlna but if you simply increase --dir-cache -time to a really really large number the structure will be cached till you restart the serve. After a restart the first scan will be slow while it repopulates and then will be cached again. I believe there's work being done to make the cache persistent but that's not available yet with vfs.

If you make changes and you're remote supports it (google drive) the structure will expire and update anyway. If you're not using a supported remote for the poling then you'll need to expire it yourself or restart the serve.


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Nice! Thank you, sat it to 24h and already more responsive. Possible to set it even higher?

I set mine for webdav to a really large number and rely on the poling to update it automatically

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