Disapearing files on gdrive


Noticed some files are suddently missing more than one time. How can i trace actions made by rclone to figure out what application is deleting them?

I use google gdrive.

With such little details, it's impossible to answer that question.

Check your audit logs on GSuite perhaps?

Hi Torstein,

Perhaps you are looking for the rclone flags: --log-level=INFO --log-file=rclone_log.txt

More info here:

Why google log? I know the files are deleted by rclone, how can we turn on logging so i can figure out whats causing the delete?

Thanks :slight_smile: will try that.

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You may also just want to add -v to see it immediately in your terminal - or use --dry-run to see what would happen.

Are you running a mount? A copy command? A sync command?

They are?

You said

So that's why I was asking what you are running as if it's a mount, copy, sync, etc.

That's really the reason we have the help and support template that you deleted/ignored so we have a better picture and can assist you in finding out what the problem is.

A log file isn't going to tell you what happened in the past as the GSuite audit logs tell you what was deleted.

Capturing a log file would be for new things and the audit log would be for old things.

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