Directory transfer shows success even when source dir not present

Hello Experts,

I am using rclone in rcd mode and sending below request to transfer a directory.

The job status show success even though the source directory is not present and so no file transferred to target.
Is there any way to get error response when no file transferred to target (this includes 2 cases : 1. src dir not present 2. source dir present but file mentioned in 'IncludeRule' not present).

(I tried '--error-on-no-transfer' but it looks like more of exit code in script, but not for api mode)

Operation : /sync/copy

"srcFs" : "sourceRemName:dl-azrgq10029/divtest2807/downloaded_data",
"dstFs" : "destRemName:dl-azrgq10029/divtest2807/gcContent",
"_filter" : {
"IncludeRule" : [ "Dimension.objectiveed8z1p14.dsv" ]
"_config" : {
"CheckSum" : true
"_async" : true

Rclone version : rclone v1.63.1

Please suggest if any way to handle my requirement.


@ncw @asdffdsa - any idea on this above scenario?

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