Directory filtering


First of all rclone is just simply amazing. A real game-changer for a lot of us. I am trying to copy everything from ACD to GDrive but I want to do it in chunks, doing a number of directories at a time.

How would I go about doing this? For instance xfer all dirs beginning with letter A, then B, etc.? I was able to do this with all the files at the top level, but don’t know how to with dirs.

Thanks so much!

Glad you like rclone!

If you wanted to copy just directories and their contents starting with A then you would use --include '/A/**'

Thanks Nick. I will try that later when I get home. One more quick question.

Is there a way to show the full filename being xfer’d without it being truncated with the beginning …? I have very long filenames and I like to see what files are being copied at any particular time. Also is there a way to force the ordering of the xfers based on name (alphabetical)?

Ok. That was two questions. Expect a nice donation from me as well btw. :slight_smile:

Use the -v flag will show you lots more what is going on. Not exactly what you asked for but it might help.

No. Rclone is concurrent (multi threaded directory listing) and sorted transfers don’t really fit in with that model.

The -v flag suggestion doesn’t really address the issue. I too would like to see full file names, or at least have rclone scale the number of characters displayed to the width of the terminal windows its running in. Will this bug be addressed in future versions?

Looks like this is a know issue. Not sure where it is going but you are not alone. I would also like to see it.