Directories respawn after rm under mounted ACD

directories respawn after rm under mounted ACD.

is it a bug? any workaround?

and I can’t test the rclone purge or delete commands because I can never get wildcards to work… deleting them via the web interface seems to have done it…

There is an issue about this here:

I’m having trouble reproducing it though - can you put a sequence of commands which can reproduce the issue for me please? (also try 1.35 if you haven’t already).

You can’t use wildcards in the file names, you have to use one of the filter flags. So to list, delete all txt files in the root

rclone ls --include "/*.txt" acd:
rclone delete --include "/*.txt" acd:

i’ll start fresh and see what happens. i am using the latet github version

let me get back to you in a few days

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ok. so this is when using ‘rm’ on an ACD mount.

go version go1.7.4 linux/amd64
rclone v1.35-DEV

mount unencrypted ACD with:
$ rclone mount --allow-other amazon: /media/amazon &

then create directory structure and remove it.

$ mkdir /media/amazon/test
$ touch /media/amazon/test/test_file
$ rm -rf /media/amazon/test

the directory is deleted, but then reappears. of course, rclone purge works as expected.

$ rclone purge amazon:/test

(must have forgotten to press reply - sorry!)

Thanks for your walk through.

I’ve managed to work out what is going on - it was a missing bit of functionality from rclone mount. Here is a beta whch should work (uploaded in 15-30 minutes)