Direct NFS or rclone through webdav?


I have a NAS with some multimedia content, and on the same LAN I have a server with rclone.
Which option would be better for better multimedia streaming?

NFS directly or Rclone to webdav server on the NAS?

Normally I'd think direct NFS is better, but like rclone mount have cache options to improve streaming I have doubts.

It is local LAN so speed should not be an issue. I would go for what is the simplest option - NFS direct.

Remember that "vanilla" WebDAV (i.e. not one of the listed providers) does not support ModTime. This means that (a) change detection is based solely on size and (b) you don't preserve the ModTime. The former is easy to cause false negatives but, in practice, is usually fine. The latter may be a big deal to some or not matter to others.

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