Diffrence between rclone about / size


I have an significant diffrence between about and size.
All “shares” are disabled or deleted.

rclone about ~59T size ~44T

are there hidden files I can’t see?

Depends on how your GD is setup as certain things can drop stuff in spots size wouldn’t see like Arq backup tool as an example.

Here is my example as I don’t use any hidden App Data stuff.

felix@gemini:~$ rclone about GD:
Used:    54.628T
Trashed: 1.839G
Other:   109.108M
felix@gemini:~$ rclone size GD:

Total objects: 196294
Total size: 54.626 TBytes (60061800035342 Bytes)

Size dropped since I got access from second GDrive Acc. The files were deleted in other drive. So it is possible that theses files aren’t deleted in my first Acc. But if… I don’t know how to delete.

rclone cleanup remote:

That deletes the trash on GD.

search for orphaned files:



founds a LOT of files… can I delete these files without losing my productive files?

That’s crazy as I didn’t know that existed but I’m the only user of my GD so that explains it!

Good question. I found some along with empty directories. I downloaded them since they aren’t that big from the drive interface and will take a look at what they are (they are crypted).

Well. I found the files that did exist before I deleted them using lsjon --encrypted. Then I started at the bottom of tree of the files found in the GUI and deleted one. The contents still existed after deleting in my regular crypt which is good. So I continued down the tree and kept deleting and I didn’t see anything missing. YMMV.

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