Different upload speeds Rclone vs regular Dropbox

I'm still a newbie and testing all the features that this program can achieve.
I am using rclone mount. So I noticed that if a put a file in this mounted folder it uploads immediatly and shows up in another computer right away (same account, but with dropbox installed). On the other hand, if i add a file on the other machine (with dropbox installed) it take 4 ou 5 minutes to show in this mounted folder. Is it normal?


you can tweak this

--dir-cache-time duration                Time to cache directory entries for. (default 5m0s)


     --poll-interval duration                 Time to wait between polling for changes. Must be smaller than dir-cache-time. Only on supported remotes. Set to 0 to disable. (default 1m0s)

So in general, mounts are impacted by two things.

  1. There is a polling concept on the mount and the backends that support detect changes via polling. Dropbox added polling at some point, but there is a feature request to get it added to rclone and it has not happened yet.
  1. If the remote doesn't have polling, it's impacted by dir-cache-time, it takes 4-5 minutes because the default time if you don't change anything is 5 minutes. You can make that shorter or longer as it would impact how long it takes changes to show up. Shorter means more API traffic as it has to refresh the directory list more often.

Yes, it definitly works... You guys are solid knowledge....

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