Different speed when transferring files between unraid server and a ftp server

hi everyone, I am new to unraid and rclone. There is an issue now. Could anyone help me?
environment: for modem, for unraid server and for router (in which I set up a ftp server).
issue: the speed when i use rclone to copy files from ftp server to unraid is around 100-200kbytes/s. However the speed when I copy files from unraid server to ftp server is 19Mbytes/s. I want to speed up transferring files from the ftp server.

  1. The full command you’re attempting to use.
    rclone copy remote:media /mnt/user/NAS/media --progress
    rclone copy /mnt/user/isos/ remote:test --progress

  2. A logfile of rclone’s output.

  3. The rclone config you’re using.
    type = ftp
    host =
    user = rickynas
    port = 21
    pass = 3o4S5TDYZFfRXlHiVYE7w6Y06kO58A
    tls = false
    concurrency = 0
    no_check_certificate = true

  4. What version of rclone you’re using.
    rclone v1.50.2-134-g63128834-beta

  • os/arch: linux/amd64
  • go version: go1.13.6


Can you run the download with -vv --log-file download.log and post the log?

Try also --multi-thread-streams 0 - some FTP servers don't like that very much.


I tried add --multi-thread-streams 0, but nothing changed.
I want to produce and post the log file, but just don't know where would be the download.log file. Will it be under the root directory? Is it possible to designate the place of the log file?


It's in your working directory.

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