Did I got banned from google?

I’m getting this error on my mount.log

2017/04/14 06:49:25 ERROR : Movies/xxx: File.Open failed: open for read: bad response: 403: 403 Forbidden

Does that mean I got banned? I monitored my API usage and it has fairly low, the maximum I got was 15 queries per 100sec and it went fine now it suddenly stopped working when I added another very small library and used almost no queries.

Also plex is complaining the files are not accessible and that I should “check my permissions” is that the expected behavior when that happens?

I think I’ll need to move from rclone to another solution unfortunately… does anyone know if the other options can work my encrypted data?

Also I don’t see any error in my API console?

My limits are :

Queries per 100 seconds per user 1.000
Queries per 100 seconds 10.000

yes you are banned, and you may use any solution to mount your drive and just point rclone crypt to that mount.

p.s. @ncw is working on rclone that will use similar solution like https://github.com/astrada/google-drive-ocamlfuse

Thanks good to know.

But is yet very strange. Why I would be banned if I was very under my limits? Can I ask google to increase them? If they asked for a use case, what I could say that is not “video streaming” ?

Also the only thing that I have enabled is Generate chapter thumbnails because I didn’t like that ugly interface full of blank icons.

Everything else related to scanning and scheduled tasks are unchecked. Do you think it could be this? Is there any workaround to get at least the cover image and description without spiking my API requests ?

It’s not because of your API, it’s because the way rclone handle files, when you use rclone with Google Drive, it download files over and over, because it doesn’t make a cache list out of them, and that’s why you get ban, it has nothing to do with your API request, so don’t worry about that, just wait for it until it get fix from the app developer.

So you think that even talking to google to increase my API limits wouldn’t change anything?

This issue makes literally impossible to use rclone with google drive!

That’s what I just said and you didn’t read it, it has nothing to do with API.

As of now if you need to use Google, you can use ocamlfuse or node-gdrive