Did amazon changed quota from 100TB to 1.1PB or everyone?

This use to show 100TB, and I did email the month ago why my unlimited drive shows only 100TB :slight_smile:

Thatโ€™s just a fake amount added in so statfs works.

Its not a fake amount, before when you reached 100TB you needed to contact Amazon and they open another 100TB slot.

1.1PB is the fake amount of free space that rclone mount shows - I put this in in: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/commit/c41b67ea0889e14a56c9a8dec28d8d7050b233e9

Note that 1 << 50 = 2 ^ 50 = 1125899906842624 = 1.1 PB

Interesting as acd_cli actually had quota command and you could see exact space, but that being said Amazon Drive by default offered 100TB and when you reached it you needed to contact support to expend it. ( confirmed by several users who have their drives over 100TB )

I also remember having 100TB on amazon web site ( based that at 25TB i already reached 25% of pie bar)
If I check it now

p.s. Just lucky coincidence then :slight_smile:

Probably! But interesting to hear about the 100TB limit - not heard of that before.