Delete outside cache messes things up


I have rclone mounted a GDRIVE with crypt/cache. Outside this construct I renamed and moved some files from one DIR to another. This at first did not reflect in the mount. I rclone rc cache/expired the directories and the new-renamed files showed. Much later I recognized that the OLD files (the ones that I renamed and then moved) still showed up at their old location and with the old names. Even after several expires (withdata=true). No chance. The more I retried the stranger it got. Sometimes the old files were gone and then a few minutes later back.

I ended up purging the cache and starting from scratch which resulted in the consistent state.

info_age = 30m

It was way longer than one hour. Or is this a dir-cache problem (which would be at default)?

There is a fix for polling in the beta. What version are you running?