Delete equivalent of CopyTo

Hello …

I am using the CopyTo variant to send/receive SINGLE files using drag/drop to various locations.

Consequently, the list of files in a directory on the cloud service can be distributed among any number of directories on the local drive. It works quite nicely.

I would now like to delete SINGLE files … however … since there is no local directory listing that corresponds to the cloud directory, the sync command is not an option to remove them.

My question is whether there is a SINGLE file delete command equivalent to the CopyTo command ?

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

You can do rclone delete remote:path/to/file and that will work - however that will traverse the destination directory.

There is no direct equivalent to deleteto which doesn’t do that traverse - maybe there should be?

Hello Nick,

I had settled on this:
rclone delete --include “test.txt” cloud:folder

After which I tried your suggestion:
rclone delete cloud:folder/test.txt

They both work !!!

Hmmm, I am definitely liking the CopyTo command so a DeleteTo would be a nice to have.

Thank you.

That is almost equivalent to what I wrote, except it could delete “test.txt” in subdirectories too.

Can you please make a new issue on github and I’ll see what we can do! I think I prefer the name rclone deletefile and make it so it can only delete 1 file but as efficiently as possible.

Hello Nick,

Doh !!! Double apologies. First, I did not “pick up” the instruction to make a new issue on github and second, I am not versed in the ways of github. I will try my hand at github and attempt to complete my assignment.

Thanks! We do the actual development of rclone on github so making an issue there will start the process :slight_smile: