Decrypt existing rclone folders on GoogleDrive

Hello, I am syncing my contents to a Google Drive rclone crypt folder, using this command

rclone sync  /STORAGE/ gdrive_plex_crypt: 

I am also copying all the encrypted contents onto a separate Goole Drive account, with this command:

rclone copy gDrive_plex: backup_mirror:backup 

The idea is that if my primary Google Drive account is not accessible, I will access my contents on the secondary drive; but how do I configure rclone to decrypt the content?

You just copy back from the crypt remote.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. I am not following your point, what do you mean by "copy-back".
In my disaster recovery scenario, I would lose the original remote and I am left with just its mirror copy.
Can I just go ahead and create a new crypt remote for rclone and download & decrypt its contents?

There's no magic to decrypt.

If you ran this:

rclone sync  /STORAGE/ gdrive_plex_crypt: 

You run

rclone sync  gdrive_plex_crypt /STORAGE/ 

It's just a copy or sync command with your crypt remote as the source.

Test it out and pick a single file to copy back.

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Yes, as long as the password and salt are the same.
See Backing up a crypted remote.


THanks, we can close!

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