Current rclone build for ios?

Can someone post binary rclone for ios?
current one does not support base64 filenames encoding and i can not build it under circleci, errors with tests.

There is no official rclone binary for iOS.

but could someone help me to build it in circleci?
i remeber in 2019 it was easy, now i cant

I had to drop the iOS build because it stopped building in docker with xgo.

It should be possible to build in on a Mac. You'll need gomobile too I think.

If someone contributed a build using GitHub actions that would be the best thing!

thanks.i. have mac m1, should i do it in brew or xcode or how?
I will search later how to do it but maybe, if thats not problem for you - if you already have such instruction to compile it on mac i could do it faster and post builded binaries for others.

How were you hoping to run it?

Here is how I think it should be built which must run on macOS with XCode

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I want to run it as so far, on jailbroken ipad.
but till now i was using latest testbuild ios verion which is not built with base64 filenames encoding so since now i have new backend with base64 encoding i need to build new one with current commits.

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