Cryptcheck --resume or --exclude checked files from previous sessions & cryptcheck --paranoid mode

I am really interested to know if there have been any updates regarding what was discussed in this topic. Are there currently any plans to make this happen in the future?

Also is there something in cryptcheck for folks like us who are very paranoid about data integrity and file corruption? A flag called, for example, --paranoid that would check every single file in destination for size AND date AND checksum against source? And maybe --very-paranoid could in addition to all that also do byte-by-byte comparison? I know this is very extreme, but there are certain data objects I would like to be 110% sure they have been backed up correctly.

I solve part of your problem by having a script checking byte-by-byte in slices like this:

rclone check Orig: CryptBackup: --download                      --min-age 2019-01-01
rclone check Orig: CryptBackup: --download --max-age 2019-01-01 --min-age-2020-01-01
rclone check Orig: CryptBackup: --download --max-age 2020-01-01 --min-age-2021-01-01
rclone check Orig: CryptBackup: --download --max-age 2021-01-01

This implements --very-paranoid (except for dates) and eliminates the need for --resume and --exclude-checked for me, by retrying any failing jobs.

For my remotes and data performance is best when also using --checkers 8 --multi-thread-streams 2 --order-by ‘size,mixed,75’ --max-backlog 100000

I am considering enhancing rclone check to check dates by default (unless --ignore-times) and save some time by using single-sided downloads. No promises :wink:

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