Crypt suddenly missing files

Hi there, been using rclone for a while now and it’s been great, but I recently noticed that TBs of files are not in the Crypt container that I setup and uploaded all the files through, but are found if checking the ACD container (albeit unreadable).

Wondering if anyone has had a similar situation or any ideas for a solution to this?

Hmm no, but check the logs for bad password I heard people had corrupted uploads.

For example if you manually drop a file in your crypt/encrypted folder that was not properly encrypted it wont be visible on your crypt remote.

I’ve only ever uploaded/manipulated files via rclones crypt container, and all of the folder structures are still viewable under the crypt container, just none of the files within them.

I couldn’t find a log should it be in a standard place and I’ve just missed it?

EDIT: So strangest thing, ran the size command on the crypt container again, now it matches what ACD is reporting, mounted the drive and there’s all the files, no problem. Strange glitch somewhere

Thanks for the responses regardless :slight_smile: