Creation/modified date issues

I am looking for a way to download files that are <24 hours in age from gdrive and delete files that are 48> hours in age locally and in gdrive.

I was making use of --min-age and --max-age until I noticed it is not working as "intended".

From my understanding rclone will retain the original file creation date and upload files to google drive, setting the last modified date to the creation date, making min/max-age "inaccurate".

For example, you download a file that has a creation date of 2019-04-12, upload that file to google drive today and rclone will apply a last modified date of 2019-04-12 instead of the actual last modified date 2020-09-01.

lsl of file
1887669377 2019-04-12 03:09:06.000000000

I have tried making use of --drive-use-created-date but cannot find a way to complete my task.

I do have a suggestion for a --touch flag, for example

rclone copy remote: -v --touch

This would give the newly uploaded file a new creation and modified date (did rclone used to do this on a very very early version?).

Any help is much appreciated!

Using --max-age 24h" for < 24 hours and --min-age 48h` for > 48hours old should work.

rclone used modified times everywhere and ignores the file creation date. When it uploads a file to drive it sets the creation date and the modification date to the the modification date of the file it was uploading.

Try rclone touch!

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