Creating client id for OneDrive Business


I'm trying to using rclone with my OneDrive Business account. The default client ID works, but my own client ID (created according to the doc) didn't work.

Eventually I managed to make it work. Basically the idea is to create a single-tenant App (i.e. organization only).

I have documented the steps in this PR.

I think this might work for some users, but I wonder to what extend. In case you are having similar troubles, maybe give a try.

Also, this error also seems relevant, but I cannot verify it myself.

I don't understand what doesn't work on the official docs that are there.

Can you describe what doesn't work with detail?

Currently the doc describes the steps to create a multi-tenant App, which may not work for some (or many?) OneDrive Business organizations. See the purple box in this doc.

Also see my comment above, there's chance that single-tenant APP might fix this permission issue. But I'm not sure.

Is it OK to update the doc to say "maybe try this method, which may or may not work. Please let us know the outcome in the forum"?

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