Creating a web UI for rclone

Hello All,

I'd like to create a web interface (specifically here I use react) that uses rclone to transfer a user's files from Dropbox/Google Drive/Box to my instance of AWS S3. The way I was thinking about going about that was:

  • Getting the access token from the user
  • Sending that token to my Amazon EC2 instance with rclone installed
  • Somehow feeding it to the appropriate remote (Dropbox vs Google Drive...)
  • Running a shell command to sync the user's files to the s3 instance using rclone

My question is: is this the right way to do it? Is this even possible? If so, how do I set the access token for a Dropbox remote ( for example ), with a shell command?

Thank you for all your help!!!

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Rclone lets you configure it via the API or via command line (or via environment variables or flags), so there are lots of options!

For creating a remote checkout rclone config create. You can do this over the API so you could do it direct from react - see config/create.

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I was very happy when @gelsas announced creating gui for rclone, but this proyect never was create.

I hope you can create and shared the web gui for rclone

MeeeeeeToooooooo - while not a complete sentence

As well as with Prototype for a nicer built-in web GUI

Looks that GUI initiatives are unlucky... due to marriages, children, farewells or whatever reasons...

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