CPU usage and rclone

I’ve noticed that my rclone uses around 10% of my CPU constantly in idle and I can’t really find any information about cpu usage anywhere in idle.
I’m running a Gdrive – Crypto with “–rc --dir-cache-time=9999h --cache-info-age=9998h --buffer-size=32M --stats=5s –v” as parameters.
Is the constant CPU usage even at idle normal?
32gb ram
GFX: Nvidia 1070

And trying to run --cpuprofile=rclone.prof does not work, because it doesn’t write anything to file.

Hope this is the right place to ask.
Have a nice day

I don’t think so!

It only writes the cpu profile when you quit.

You can use the go pprof tools on a running rclone - you could try that. You’ll need a recent beta for that though.