Core/stats for each remote control jobs and a way to stop a job?

As I am trying out the Rclone API, I really like the _async=true and core/stats so I can create several jobs simultaneously with one address and port and see the transfer stats.
Is it possible to show core/stats not only for all of the transfers but also for each created job?
e.g. rclone rc core/stats jobid=2
Is it also possible to terminate an individual job?
e.g. rclone rc job/terminate jobid=2

Currently my workaround is to create several rclone http servers:
rclone rcd --rc-addr=
rclone rcd --rc-addr=
rclone rcd --rc-addr=

and then
rclone rc --rc-addr= core/stats
rclone rc --rc-addr= core/stats

but I'm still not sure how to terminate an unfinished job

Michael Liu

Not currently... The rclone internals need a bit of untangling to make that work.

Can you please make a new issue on github about this? It will fit into some other work we are doing at the moment.

ajankovic on github is working on exactly that at the moment. We've implemented the needed job/stop command which you can find in the latest beta.

                    "Path": "job/stop",
                    "Title": "Stop the running job",
                    "AuthRequired": false,
                    "Help": "Parameters\n- jobid - id of the job (integer)"

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