Copyto url-encoded image fails

I am new to rclone and have encountered a problem that I haven’t found a solution for yet.

I want to use rclone “copyto” to copy images from Swift. I works fine except for images were we’ve url-encoded image names (names with spaces for example).

Copying for example

gives error:
Source doesn’t exist or is a directory and destination is a file

But copying the same images replacing %20 with actual spaces works.

Have I missed something obvious?

Help much appreciated. Thanks in advance
Best regards,

What does rclone ls "foo:mydir/structure/" do? Does it show the images with spaces of %20?

If it shows them with spaces then that is how they are named as objects, and that is why you need the spaces in your example.

This is the command that fails:

OpenStack Swift is hosted by elastx. The image has an url-encoded name, and is stored in a directory like /foo/bar/baz

Can you do that rclone ls command please?