Copying VFS cache on Windows 10

Hello. I have rclone vfs cache files of 100 GB but size on disk is just 1 MB, its vfs cache. How can I do to copy and paste and keep the files the same? I mean, I can´t copy and paste because I get error from windows as if I needed a lot of TB extra. On linux I can copy and paste no problem. On windows I can only cut and paste because copy and paste it says me no space left on disk.
You can see the photo, I only have 7 GB of size on disk (obviously less than actual full size which is in cloud, those 179 TB. How can I copy and paste cache? any rclone command? Im getting mad, on linux I can perfectly but on windows I can´t and I have been researching with no results.
PD: sorry for my English, hope you guys understand.

The cache uses sparse files.

Not sure why you are copying the cache, but Windows machine, I'd imagine you are copying to a file system that does not support sparse files.

I need to copy to make a backup of that cache files. I need it for something. How can I copy and paste sparse files then? On linux as I say I can, on windows not.

The cache files are specific to the running mount instance and should not be shared/used other than for the cache.

As I said above, you'd have to use a supported Windows file system that uses sparse files.

Why not copy from the mount instead?
You probably want to backup the entire file, not just the sparse parts on your local PC or ?

I only want to copy and backup the sparse parts on my local PC yeah, not they whole file.

I have tried this tool: NTFS Sparse Files For Programmers

But I get access denied when trying

I cannot help with that, but maybe give you some alternatives if you give us some information to understand your situation/need.

That seems more like a permissions item. Are you running as the same user? Can you share the permissions on the file you are trying to copy? Where are you trying to copy it to? What mount point? Can you share the file system info for it?

More importantly, what's the goal? What's the problem you are trying to solve by making a copy of the cache as you can't simply just copy it back in from a rclone perspective.

might try freefilesync

Command Im executing:

cs.exe D:\rclone-vfs-cache D:\test

I´m using same user.

file system: NTFS.

Program I´m trying to use:

NTFS Sparse Files For Programmers

Im running a program that creates some cache files that after some time are autodeleted due tu the flags I add (vfs max age or vfs max size). That cache files are important for me because program takes hours to build them again after they are deleted. I can´t delete those flags because I would get disk full just if you were wondering.

Chia farming I guess?

Yes. And I need to save that cache files. Copy and paste this cache files basically.

Sorry, no ideas and I find it difficult to understand how you would use the copy/pasted files, but this may just be my limited knowledge in this area.

It worked for me. Thanks!!

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