Copying to Google Drive times out?

When I copy a large amount of files and directories from my PC after leaving it alone for a few hours (this has happened on my laptop as well) the rate of transferring goes from ~2mbps to Zero and I’m not sure why at all. My computer never goes to sleep or locks, my connection I know isn’t being reset because I’ve tried on multiple Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections from different ISPs and the same thing happens.

I’ll send enter my rclone configuration I use once I get over to my PC in a few minutes.

Is there any way I can troubleshoot this? Because what happens is that rclone still produces output (text) but all transfers crawl to 0/bytes per second.

I’d start by looking at a log with -vv. That should tell you what is going on. If you’ve got one can you post one somewhere I can see it?