Copying Google Drive to Dropbox - error

I'm getting the below error when trying to copy a Google Drive (Team Drive, or what is now referred to as a Shared drive) remote to a Dropbox remote:

Failed to copy: upload failed: json: cannot unmarshal object into Go struct field UploadAPIError.error of type string

The files that are failing with that error seem to be random, nothing particular about them that looks like a possible reason for the error. Any clue as to what it might be?

It also seems like Rclone is actually transferring the files and then they're failing, you see each file's transfer progress go from 0 to 100 and then that error is generated.

OK looking at this thread it seems the issue is folder names with a space at the end, Dropbox can't seem to handle them.

Renaming the problematic folders on Google Drive and copying again is seeming to fix the issue

The error is being parsed incorrectly by the SDK:

You can see the full error with -vv --dump responses - but it sounds like you've figured it out already!

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