Copy with crypt transfers only folder structure

I’m on the latest rclone (1.36) and am trying to upload the contents of /mnt/data/plex/local/Movies to my Amazon crypt remote.

my remote is setup with acd and ‘Plex’ as the directory.

I have a script which is called when a file has been pushed to the aforementioned movies folder, this script is set to…

/usr/sbin/rclone copy /mnt/data/plex/local/Movies/ acdcrypt:/Movies/ && rm -Rf “/mnt/data/plex/local/Movies/”*

When this gets called either automatically or manually I see an encrypted folder structure appear in my Plex ACD directory, but no files. The mount also shows that folder structure is there - but no files.

I’ve tried manually just rclone copy /mnt/data/plex/local/Movies/ acdcrypt:/Movies/ from the command line and it seems to just sit there not doing anything. Again, folder structure is created if i start afresh; but no files… also I don’t see any progress after a minute. It’s like it’s just created the directories then crashed. I tried to create a log file; but this is just empty.

Any idea’s? I’m so close to being fully setup. Get this done and transfer my existing content to the crypt and I’m sorted :slight_smile:

Edit - forgot to mention I did create a ‘/Test/test.txt’ directory within my ‘local/Movies/’ folder and running the rclone copy is fine. the expected result is returned in my mount. Could it be a file size? is something crashing after a few seconds which might explain why a tiny txt file managed to be successful? Any thoughts?

Ignore me… I’ve fixed the logging after a bit more searching. it also seems I just need to wait longer before cancelling… now I can see an output I can see it’s only uploading to acdcrypt at 2MB. :confused:

Now to find out if I can speed this up somehow.