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I changed the OS in my computer from Linux Mint to Linux Fedora. Document files were stored in an external HD and copied back to the internal HD after the installation was finished. I usually back up in Google Drive using rclone. However, now rclone sync of the files copy/replace all of them again into the cloud, even though they have not been changed.
I tried adding --size-only or --ignore-size to no avail. What could be done to avoid copying all files?

If you take one file and run rclone copy for that file with -vv, what is the output? What version of rclone?

Try -c, which should tell rclone to compare checksums.

Thanks to all that replied.
Managed to fix the problem, which was caused by old duplicated files/folders in the external HD.
Incidentally, is it possible to delete folders, not only files, using sync?

What version are you using? What command are you running?

I use


Which is for a move command, but without understand what you are running and what version, makes it tough.

If you sync A to B, B looks like A so any changes on A would be reflected on B, which means deleting files/folders. etc.

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