Copy to versioned buckets s3 without deletion

I have a doubt to perform the copy or synchronization for versioned buckets, it seems that rclone tries to delete the files, is there any parameter that can add not to perform this deletion?

I use these commands to make the copy or sync

sync -uv --timeout=600s --ignore-existing --s3-chunk-size=100M --s3-upload-cutoff=100M --transfers=30 --checkers=30 --progress

copy -uv --timeout=600s --ignore-existing --s3-chunk-size=100M --s3-upload-cutoff=100M --transfers=30 --checkers=30 --progress

Copy doesn't delete anything.

Sync makes a replica of source to destination so it would delete on the destination. If you don't want to delete, do not use sync.

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