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I found rclone after a long search for an easy tool that can provide easy way to upload files, give an accurate progress report, work in Linux and can automatically change each uploaded file tier to Archive. Everything worked as expected except preserving the time creation date & modification date (less important).

Since I am dealing meanly with video archive files, I was unable to preserve the creation date specially for mpg files.

The command I am using:

rclone copy -P file/00001.mp4 AZURE-NAME:AZURE-CONTAINER --no-update-modtime

Viewing the file from Azure storage explorer or the web shows today's date in the modification date of the file. While doing "rclone ls AZURE-NAME:AZURE-CONTAINER " shows the correct date, which is great, but when downloading the file, it seems that there is no way to know the original date.

Anyway I can get these information back after I upload it to Azure? I can always keep a log file just in case, but it's not the cleanest way to do it

Thank you

Rclone preserves the modification date in the metaadata with a key of "mtime" in RFC3339 format.

Rclone can't set the modified time of the objects you see on azure - that is when it was uploaded.

However when rclone downloads objects it will read the "mtime" metadata and set the modification time of the files correctly.

One of rclone's objectives is to preserve the modification time of files uploaded and then downloaded.

Great, will try to download the file using rclone.

Thank you for the great tool and support

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