[Copy/Sync] How to ignore casing when checking for duplicates?

Could someone please advise if/how I can skip downloading files that already exist on the localhost but have different casing? If the filename is exactly the same the download is skipped.

e.g. files “Application A.doc” and “application a.doc” are now treated as two different files, I hope to be able to set a flag so they are treated as one.

rclone will do that automatically in some circumstances, if you are downloading onto a case insensitive file system.

What what filesystem are you using and what is your source?

There isn’t an option for that at the moment though but it would be easy to add.

The target server is a Debian linux machine with a ZFS case sensitive filesystem. I guess all linux machines are affected? Source is Google Drive

Both your source and your destination are case sensitive so rclone will do case sensitive compares.

If you please make a new issue on github I’ll ses about making a new flag!

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Before I do that though, I just installed the latest beta and noticed a new flag has been introduced “–ignore-case”. Might it be that somebody else already added it? Still need to test it.

--ignore-case is just for filters, alas!

Thanks again, ticket opened: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/2773

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