Copy Server Side with different account to break upload limit


i have a particular question, to break 750 gb / day.

I see that is possible to get more upload / day if you have a team drive and add more than 1 user.

So if you add for example 2 users ( user 1 and user 2), you can upload 750gb with this user 1, then switch with other user 2 and you can continue to upload your stuff.

(Swith with other user i mean: go to google, then login into drive with other user, but you can see the same team drive, because you added 2 user in this team drive )

My question is simple: with rclone is possible replicate it ?

I have tried to switch only source in my command line about server side copy, without success of course, because destination is the same, so 750 / day is up.

So with browser, you can continue your uploads, if you have more than 1 account of team drive and you add them into the same, so switch between users and you can continue, but in rclone that we love, maybe isn't possible ?

Thanks for reading.

rclone v1.49.3

  • os/arch: windows/amd64
  • go version: go1.12.3

OS: Win 10 x64

My script very simple: rclone copy --fast-list --progress --stats 30s "TEAM_DRIVE1:/My Stuff/" "TEAM_DRIVE2:/My Stuff/" -v


It would surely be possible, but it is unlikely that rclone will ever include features that are specifically designed to abuse the system and break TOS. What you do with your account is between you and Google, but it would be bad if rclone becomes associated with deliberate abuse. We have to respect the authors (IMO wise) choice on this.

What you ask for almost certainly has been created by someone, but you won't find it here - sorry, nor can we provide help on this sort of topic.


i know, thanks anyway for reply.

Anyway i guess that isn't an hack , because you can add more than 1 user into a team drive.

And if you upload together, you can upload 750 x 2. Limit is for user and not for team drive.

Feel free to close it,thanks a lot again

To be fair to RobertusIT, it seems he is describing a case where he has two (or more) genuine accounts. Each of those accounts would have a legitimate, paid-for quota of 750GB.

I think in this case it would not be contrary to either TOS or to rclone principles to help him. Or do I misunderstand? :slight_smile:

@RobertusIT , there are a number of ways you could approach this,

A simple, manual method to do what you ask would be to configure your rclone remotes as follows:

Assume your shared drives are called source and destination and that you have two accounts, user1 and user2.

Configure one rclone remote for the shared drive called source.

  • Call it source and authenticate with user1.

Configure two rclone remotes for the shared drive called destination.

  • Call the first remote destination1 and authenticate with user1.
  • Call the second remote destination2 and authenticate with user2.

Then run two lines of code to copy from source to destination, where each of your accounts will be able to upload 750GB/day

rclone copy --fast-list --progress --stats 30s "source:/My Stuff/" "destination1:/My Stuff/" -v

rclone copy --fast-list --progress --stats 30s "source:/My Stuff/" "destination2:/My Stuff/" -v