Copy nested files to specific destination (without creating subfolders within destination)

Hi - I am trying to use rclone copy with an include statement to copy nested files to a specific destination directory. The problem I am having is that it is creating extra folders in the destination.

Source example:

rclone copy --include {file1.ext,file2.ext} /path/to/stuff mount:remotepath

Expected result:

Actual result:

I’ve searched and studied the command switches and am just not figuring this out.

So I guess my question is: How can I copy multiple nested files to a specific existing destination directory without creating any new folders in a single command?

Note: I am crafting these commands programmatically and desire them to be as efficient as possible, so copying files around is not possible as it is too expensive. Moving files is not possible. Running separate commands for each copy is undesirable as I achieve more overall copy throughput when I have multiple files go in a single command.

Thanks all! Love rclone!

I seem to have figured out a workaround, but I am still hoping there is a better solution.

Doing the following seems to give me my expected results. (I hope all this stuff I’m posting makes sense…)

Source example:
File: /path/to/stuff/folder1/file1.ext
File: /path/to/stuff/folder2/file2.ext
Symlink: /path/to/stuff/file1.ext -> folder1/file1.ext
Symlink: /path/to/stuff/file2.ext -> folder2/file2.ext

rclone copy --max-depth 0 --copy-links --include {file1.ext,file2.ext} /path/to/stuff mount:remotepath