Copy multiple sources in a single command

I am testing rclone for archiving some directories to Google Drive.

Currently have a command along the lines of rclone copy --verbose “A:\Folder\Folder2\” GoogleDrive:”\2017-18\”

Which works great but is there a way to specify a few source directories to upload e.g.rclone copy --verbose “A:\Folder\”,“B:\Folder\Folder2\”,“C:\Folder\Folder2\” GoogleDrive:”\2017-18\”

Thanks in advance

The way to do this is with an include file - check out the –include-from flag which allows you to put lots of patterns in a file and include them all.

the bad part is it copies the entire structure of the directories when used -include-from .
Is there any way to copy only what exists inside the directory and not the whole directory structure? I've been reading and I can't find a way to synchronize multiple sources at least without using scripts. u,u