Copy/Move folders with folder year filter

I’m trying to set an rclone move command to move anything that has a year of 2016 or 2017 from one remote to the local drive. I’ve tried various combinations and running with a --dry-run flag sis showing no results… any help would be appreciated.

basically my remote structure is something like:

_/Movies/Movie_Name (2017)/Movie_file.mkv_

I want something like:

_rclone move --include '**2017/**' -v acdcrypt:Movies/ /home/media/local/Movies/ --log-file='home/dan/moviecopy.log'_

but somewhere along the line I think I’ve messed the filter up.

Would appreciate some help/guidance to get this going.


Got it…

rclone move --include "**2017**" -v acdcrypt:Movies/ /home/media/local/Movies/