Copy into mounted file system

When I copy or sync file into a file system that is mounted with rclone copy or rclone sync, the file appears 5m later, probably according to --dir-cache-time=5m. I think the rclone commands should invalidate the cache and let the file appear immediately in the mounted file system.

Not quite, if you have a question on how something works, it's very dependent on what you are doing and what storage provider.

If you copy a file into a mounted file systsem, it appears once the copy is done and there isn't any waiting.

To be sure that there is no misundertanding. If I copy a file with the usual cp command, it appears immediately in the mounted file system. What I mean is copying with the "rclone copy" command.

That's great, but without knowing what cloud system or what copy command you are running, it's all assuming and guessing.

Best to start a topic on the help and support template and fill it out.

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