Copy: GB Remaining?

I’m doing a long-running copy (multiple starts over about 6 months) due to GB/month limitations by my ISP (overages charged to me in dollars per GB) and I was wondering if there was a way to see how many GB I have left to upload? (It’s about 1TB in total for this run.)

I’ve been running the same copy command (rclone copy --transfers 1 --bwlimit 300 /path/to/source/data/ remotecrypt:data/) each month and it seems to be uploading new items each time but I have no sense of my overall progress.

remotecrypt:data/ unfortunately contains lots of data from another copy session done while decommissioning a dedicated server hosted with one of the ‘big providers’ so I can’t do a straight up rclone size to see

If i were you I would sudo apt install vnstat and track actual data usage.
You can get all kind of stats from it, check bellow for daily and monthly stats.

You also have simple web frontend for it ( web server needed )

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately I’m in month 6 or so of uploading so I would be unable to determine the past amount I’ve uploaded from this machine to know approximately how much is remaining.

I also upload other things using this machine as well – would vnstat allow me to separate traffic just to the rclone remote?

If you are only after what you have left from now, then just check how much you’ve already uploaded:

rclone size remote:
rclone size local:

and subtract them?

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately the remote folder everything’s going in had an unknown amount of data (1-2TB) in it already from an old (now decommissioned) server before I started my upload

You can add a --max-age flag to the remote to understand how much /new data/ there is as long as you know roughly when you started.

rclone --max-age=5d size remote:

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Ah, yes! Perfect - thanks! (About 76GB remaining it turns out)