Copy from Shared With Me to Team Drive HELP!

Hi Guys, sorry for my bad english but I will try to do my best, whatever

I'am here because I want to know how to copy a folder from "Shared with me" to my unlimited Team Drive

I try to convert my primary account on a Team Drive disk on Rclone but it doesn't work, It just copy my files to my root folder on google drive, and that top up my 15gb available

Any help? Thanks, and have a nice day.

What's your rclone.conf look like without your keys/passwords and what command are you trying to run?

Hi I'm using the command rclone copy --drive-shared-with-me "edgar:folder" "receptor:pelis"

But I recieve the error 404 not found or in another case it send the files to my local folder :frowning:

I want to use server side copy for my network connection is to slow

--disable copy or the latest beta will make the transfer work, but without a server side copy.

To make this work you need the receptor: user to have permission to read the files in edgar: I think.

If you can't get that to work then you can rent a GCS instance for a short time to do the transfer.

So far as I know, to directly copy from "your google drive" to "team drive" you must be the owner of the files.
If you have enough free space, you can make a copy of the folder with and then move this copy.

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