Copy from gdrive to gdrive


I have been granted access to a gdrive with movies on. and there is alot. And I don't wanna manually copi all the files and look it I already have it in radarr. So maybe someone knows a way ?


can you rclone to copy the files.

first need to create a rclone remote for gdrive


Yes the gdrive is mounted on my server and i can rclone ?

ok, good.

sorry, not sure what you need help with?
please describe in greater detail.


What I'm after is:

1: Copy from one gdrive to mine

  • so there is no dupe!

2: and don't copy anything I already have in radarr (if possible)

  1. rclone copy/sync - should not create duplicates.

  2. sorry, i do not use radarr
    might try --compare-dest

Thanks i'll have look into that :slight_smile:

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