Copy from Gdrive folder1 to Gdrive folder2

Greetings, i want to copy/clone a folder (eg folder1) that i have at gdrive (gsuite) to an another folder at same gdrive instance (eg folder2) but i want to do a server-copy to avoid my local bandwidth limitations.

The folder1 has over 500.000 of files and thousands of folders and it is about 1.1TB.

I have tried the following

rclone copy gdrive:folder1 gdrive:folder2 -v --transfers 8 --bwlimit 5000k --fast-list --tpslimit 5

and i want to ask:

  1. Is this the correct course of action for this scenario?
  2. It takes lots of time to begin, is there anything else i can do to speed up the process?

Thanx in advance!

Less files in a folder would be your best bet or zip it up before hand. You get limited by the # of transactions per second that it can handle.

It should work eventually!

--fast-list if you have enough memory, will speed up that initial pause.

Thank you all for your answers, @Animosity022 unfortunately i can’t zip/rar them due to already been uploaded to gdrive. I just need to do the initial “clone” of the first folder and afterwards the changes will be minimal.

It goes well so far with my posted command (with --fast-list), i just need to wait to do the server side copy (so far it is running for some days).

Merry xmas!