Copy from a google drive folder not in My Drive?

I want to copy content from this folder to My Drive without downloading.


Its not adding to My Drive when i click on "Add to My Drive". Is there any way to copy from the url?

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do you know that by sharing that link, anybody can download the files?
are you sure you want to share that link with everybody?

have you installed and configured rclone yet?

hello and thank you.
Yeah i am aware of it. Actually i myself got the link from a subreddit. I am using rclone v1.50.2 and yeah i have configured it.
Actually i am new to this forum. Sorry if i did something against the rules. I will delete it if you say.

hi, no problem,
i just wanted to be sure you know that.

no need to delete.

Use the ID with the --drive-root-folder-id flag, eg

rclone lsf --drive-root-folder-id 1oCMgJeBc55NuEasPcgwjx2FuPdQd8neu drive:

This assumes drive: is a normally configured remote for Google Drive.

You can set up a remote with this if you want also.

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Thanks a lot for your help!

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