Copy files from rclone drove without downloading it

Hello, I haven't found an answer to my question after googling for quite a while so I'm asking this question here.
I have set up my rclone drive on my debian server to use it with emby. For emby to recognize my files correctly I need to sort them in separate folders. With the WebDAV sync all of the files get put into a "links" folder and there is an emby plugin called "Auto Organizer" which watches one folder and sorts episodes into separate folders. From what I understand rclone creates some sort of "dummy file" in the mount folder which doesn't actually take up space but is playable with video players. The problem is now that if i tell the organizer to copy the files from my WebDAV rclone drive into separate folders to sort them it seems to be actually downloading the file which defeats the whole purpose of using rclone for me. Is there a way that I can configure rclone in a way that lets me copy/move files from my rclone mount into another folder by way of copying this "dummy file" instead? I don't actually want to download my whole WebDAV cloud but instead I would like to stream my media from it.
Thanks for all the help in advance, I appreciate it.

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