Copy files from one Gdrive to another Gdrive, how?

Hello, I would like help copying about 10tb of about 18,000 files from one Gdrive to another Gdrive, without needing to download and resubmit it would be possible?

Any help is welcome as I am using the company account and I will leave it, I would like to copy my data to my personal Gsuite account.

You can share the directory with your personal and then it should sync it server side. Add the -vv debug so you can verify with a test set.

Thanks for the answer. I could not understand it very well, it would be: Create a folder and with all the files and share it with my new account, this? After shared copying that shared files through the rclone to another folder within the same Gdrive? In case of connection loss, will rclone restart where it left off? The files are encrypted, would you have a problem? Many doubts sorry.

Could you cite an example of a kind of simulation, please.

What would happen if the source account gets shutdown/banned? Would the files still remain for the second account?

Yes, I would remain, that is my intention.

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