Copy files based on it's modified date possible?

A quick question that might help people in the same situation as I am.

I have a folder with thousands of files that I want to copy.
I already copied this folder in the past and organized it, so the file names won't match anymore.

This folder receives new files very often and I want to copy the new files the folder got into a new location but I don't want to copy 5k files, if I could just copy the files that are marked as modified at MM/DD/YYYY it would just reduce that amount to maybe 500 files.

Would this be possible?
Maybe doing a ls grep into a txt list and feeding that into rclone?


each time sync is run, it will only copy changed files, not all 5K.
if there is a new or changed file in the source, then rclone will copy that file will be copied to the destination.

not sure exactly what you are trying to do but this might be helpful

yeah, sync won't do it because file names are changed.

But I think I managed to do it from windows:
Select the files I want to copy, shift+right mouse click and copy as path.
Put on notepad++ remove the path of the files, leave just the file names.

Use that as a list to be copied from rclone.

Haven't tested yet but it should work.

ok. i better understand the use case

this might work

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