Copy dirs to ACD


i want to copy a dir to ACD for example /mnt/TV/Myshow.S01E01.720p

rclone copy -uv --dry-run “/mnt/TV/Myshow.S01E01.720p” amazon:crypt

this simple command will work but now the the problem is in the TV rootdir are many many more dirs like Myshow.S01E01.1080p or Myshow.S01E01.SD and i want to pick only Myshow.S01E01.720p with rclone copy.

The rclone filtering is hard to understand for me so i tryed the following:

rclone copy -uv --dry-run --include “/home/include.txt” “/mnt/TV/” amazon:crypt

inside of include.txt are: Myshow.S720p but that mask doesnt work.

Can anyone give me a hint how to put the correct line into include.txt ?

Thanks alot


Meanwhile i have written a filter.txt which is working with --filter-from cause i need include and exclude filters. After some hours of trying i have understood the correct sequence for rclone.