Copy command sometimes restarts after reaching 100% transfer

Hi there,

As the title suggests, sometimes when using crypt to copy my files to Amazon Cloud drive, it will reach 100% done, transfer speed will be 0, etc, everything shows that its complete, however the process is still running, and if I leave it there, eventually it restarts the upload process from 0%. I have to manually end the copy, and retry it. I have had to happen to be on 3 separate files so far. Any suggestions as to why this might happen?

I am running on Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.5, rclone v1.34-DEV

You are probably transferring very big files. This is a known problem with amazon cloud drive which I’ve spend a lot of time trying to work-around.

Add -v to see exactly what is going on.

You can also try increasing (or decreasing) the value of

--acd-upload-wait-per-gb duration Additional time per GB to wait after a failed complete upload to see if it appears. (default 3m0s)