Copy command not working with windows rclone client

Hi guys,

i’m going mad… used rclone on linux a longer time and had no issues at all… now, iam trying for 2 hours to copy files with the windows client to my gdrive.

i want to copy everything below the folder C:\test to gdrive /test/files/
well linux was easy …rclone copy /test/ gdrive:test/files/

trying something even close on windows just gives out “Command copy needs 2 arguments mininum”.
No matter where i put quotion marks… (i know windows needs that shit)

Of cause i used the original rclone documentation which states the following command as usable:
rclone copy “E:\folder name\folder name\folder name” remote:backup

so my command was on windows:

rclone copy “C:\Test” google:/test/files
or rclone copy “C:\Test” “google:/test/files”
or rclone copy “C:\Test” google:\test\files
or or or

i tried nearly every combination … please help a linux noob to figure out the hard windows world!

(just for you information, rclone is configured correctly with the remote “google” … rclone ls google: works.

rclone -v -v -v copy C:\Test google:/test/files

this works. Check debug to see what issue you have

to be extra safe you can do
rclone copy “C:\test” google:"/test/files"
in case you have spaces in folders…

thanks ariusbb…holy cow… thats the first software for windows i see that cant handle " " when there is no space in folder…

so for anyone who needs to know:

dont use quotion mark in foldernames if there are no spaces …normal users do it to prevent directory fuckups but in that case with rclone its not working. :-/

I have a similar issue.
Following command works fine
rclone --config rclone.conf copy p:\DyskNormalny\www\ RB2Crypt: -v
but this one not
rclone --config rclone.conf copy “p:\DyskNormalny\www” RB2Crypt: -v

The reason I put the path in quotations is that I also need to send a folder with a space in name
rclone --config rclone.conf copy “P:\DyskNormalny\My Stuff DVD01” RB2Crypt: -v

Error message: “Command copy needs 2 arguments minimum”.
rclone v.1.36, using B2 as a destination, Windows 7.

I suspect (but you haven’t shown it in your examples) that you have a \ before a " - this causes windows to make the " be part of the string.