Connection issue with RCLONE SFTP

Facing issue to setup sftp in rclone.

Getting error
2020/10/07 08:58:46 Failed to create file system for "sftp:": NewFs: couldn't connect SSH: dial tcp i/o timeout

This is rclone sftp config

type = sftp
host =
user = ftpuser
pass = *** ENCRYPTED ***
use_insecure_cipher = false

I am able to connect SFTP machine manually. #sftp ftpuser@ and its working fine for me

The connection is resolved but facing another issue while syncing file to sftp server

Error: Failed to create file system for "sftp:": NewFs: couldn't initialise SFTP: ssh: unexpected packet in response to channel open:

Please help on it

Was there more of this message? There should be something after the last :. Can you post the complete log with -vv please?

Can you use ssh to connect to the server normally?

What is the ssh/sftp server?

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It's solved, Incorrect host mentioned in the config.
Thanks. @ncw

@ncw I need help here on below questions:

  1. Can I set s3 acls "--acl=bucket-owner-full-control" on object which I am copying from sftp server to s3 bucket?
  2. Can I sync only changed/modified/New objects except removed objects from SFTP to S3 and vice-versa


You can set the ACL paramter in the s3 config:

Yes. rclone copy will do exactly that but it won't remove deleted objects on the destination. Is that what you mean?

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