Confused about using my own Amazon API keys with Rclone

I’m sure I’m missing something relatively easy here. I have my own Amazon Developer account that I totally forgot I registered for a long time ago. I created new API keys and updated the Client ID and Client Secret. I’ve also updated the “Web Settings” in the Amazon dashboard to include all the required URL’s.

When I go to refresh the token I’m getting the error

No code found returned by remote server.

Any ideas?


It means you did not apply before amazon closed the API application.
Create ID and Secret is not enough, you have to whitelist your security profile (closed)…

It’s not currently possible to do that. Registrations for new apps with Amazon Drive have been suspended (since around 2 weeks ago).

Additionally, they’ve taken down the page listing 3rd party apps supporting Amazon Drive. It’s possible that the whole API will be closed soon.

I think the apps are still here (maybe they changed the URL):
Any idea which one of those would be able to copy or sync a backup folder with a decent speed (for free or anyway not much money, there are some that cost more than ACD itself!)?

@JoshFink I think you are looking like me that logon using Amazon credentials.
Apparently there was another page for cloud drive credentials and different console to get to them…

Thanks for all the help.

Answering to myself - the 3rd party apps are gone now! I see now that I posted a the link from amazon.DE - this was what google found at the time. Probably it took them more to change the .de site (and the 3rd party apps were gone already as Thinkscape mentioned earlier).

That’s what caches are for: