Config failed to start auth server on Win10

Thought I would download photos from Google Photos and got this during config:

Storage> google photos

** See help for google photos backend at: **

Google Application Client Id
Leave blank normally.
Enter a string value. Press Enter for the default ("").
Google Application Client Secret
Leave blank normally.
Enter a string value. Press Enter for the default ("").
Set to make the Google Photos backend read only.

If you choose read only then rclone will only request read only access
to your photos, otherwise rclone will request full access.
Enter a boolean value (true or false). Press Enter for the default ("false").
Edit advanced config? (y/n)
y) Yes
n) No
y/n> n
Remote config
Use auto config?

  • Say Y if not sure
  • Say N if you are working on a remote or headless machine
    y) Yes
    n) No
    y/n> y
    2019/11/09 09:41:08 Failed to configure token: failed to start auth webserver: listen tcp bind: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.
    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> rclone -V
    rclone v1.50.1
  • os/arch: windows/amd64
  • go version: go1.13.4

Windows 10 Pro 1903 build 19018.1 insider build.

Searching the forum didn't turn up much, maybe its known, maybe its new, idk...

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I would guess it is some sort of firewall. Rclone starts a webserver temporarily to receive the oauth response from the server. You need to allow this temporarily in your firewall. It binds to on port 53682

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